Directly Sourced Ingredients


My passion for the abundance of Mexico began in 2015 during a trip to the Central Highlands, where my senses were instantly and intensely engaged. The flavors, colors and people of Mexico inspired me to dive deeper into her indigenous ingredients and traditions. On that first trip, I began asking questions. Why do we bring vanilla from oceans away while it's truest form is indigenous to a country we share a border with? Why does the specialty coffee industry turn it's nose up at Mexican coffees? Six years later I'm still asking similar questions, but finally have the opportunity to share the flavors and stories that changed my life. It's my hope that they will encourage others to ask questions, will delight the senses and bring opportunity to a country full of passion and promise. 
If you are a café, bakery or restaurant seeking traceable ingredients that are grown with intention, please contact us for samples, pricing and availability. These products are sourced from farms we visit and through producers we work with directly in order to shorten the supply chain while ackowledging the true costs of production.
Vanilla - Whole Bean
Cardamom - Seeds
Miel de Maguey - Retail Bottles and Bulk
Green Coffee - Certified Organic Available