Connecting people with their food, the way things used to be. 


What We Do

We source directly and intentionally from producers, who like us, are doing things a bit differently. From growing practices to ingredient integrity, we look for people who are challenging conventional models and fighting for something they believe in. With each product in our collection comes a story, a life, and a dream being lived.

Slow Ferment Banana Vinegar

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Banana Vinegar

Wild Mala focuses on clean food and traceability. We find ourselves asking where our food comes from more than any other question. It's this quest that motivates us to ask the hard questions, to take the long ways around, and to travel roads that (literally) aren't always paved. We visit as many of our producers as possible to learn their processes and to see the way their faces light up when they tell their stories.

Who we support through consumption is one of the greatest powers we possess as humans. If we are fortunate, we vote three times a day with our food choices. We vote for the kind of world we want to live in and the kind we hope the next generation will get to experience. For us, this is a world where people value REAL food, are connected to REAL food, and honor the people who devote their lives to producing REAL food.

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