$8.00 Fed Ex Ground shipping in August on any order


Wild Mala utilizes repurposed shipping materials, most of which have come to us with product in them or have been obtained through other recycled means. This allows us to lessen our footprint as a retailer who ships product all over the country. It also allows us to pull boxes (from an eclectic heaping pile) of all shapes and sizes to build the perfectly snug box rather than stocking one or two standard size boxes that ship with two or three things and a whole lot of excess packing materials.

Orders generally ship from our Sacramento, CA warehouse within one business day and we will notify you if there will be any delay. We are a mom and pop operation, so while we try our absolute best to ship right away, we may, at times need an extra day. If you would like an estimated arrival of your order before placing it, we can give you a solid idea of when it will go out and how long it will take to get to you.

We select the most cost efficient shipping method and do not mark up shipping costs. What we pay is what you pay.

At the time of shipping you will receive a tracking notification. Based on the shipping method and your location, boxes will arrive in 2-5 days from date of shipment.