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West Michigan Pasta - 12 oz
West Michigan Pasta - 12 oz

West Michigan Pasta - 12 oz

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One ingredient handmade pasta!

We discovered Michael and his plethora of pasta creations at the farmers market in Kalamazoo, MI. We bought one of almost every kind, cooked one that first night and reached out 5 minutes after dinner to place our first wholesale order!

In talking to Michael about his pasta, it was clear that he was truly passionate about his work and the ingredients he starts with. Tasting his work confirmed that there is a vast difference between the pasta we find on the shelves of most stores and a product that is made in traditional methods and air dried over a period of several days.

West Michigan Pasta has inspired us to build meals around a particular type of pasta and choose sauces and additions to highlight the texture and flavor of the pasta itself.

Fettuccine and Rigatoni are customer favorites brought back by some very persuasive customers and Shells are a new addition!

Ingredients: Organic Wheat Flour (Durum Semolina)

Note: each bag contains LOTS of pasta. We find it to be 6-7 servings