Wellflower Adaptogens
Wellflower Adaptogens
Wellflower Adaptogens
Wellflower Adaptogens

Wellflower Adaptogens

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Adaptogens help our bodies do just that; adapt to stress. They help keep our bodies in a balanced state when they are crumbling due to stress, hormonal swings, or inadequate sleep. Essentially, anything that threatens our happy place can use an assist from adaptogens which are found in the form of whole foods and herbs.

Wellflower has taken adaptogens a step further by creating four distinct formulas that target the four different stages of the reproductive cycle. Whether PMS week finds you with a chin full of acne or menstrual week leaves you depleted, Wellflower's formulas are designed to bring hormones to a place of balance that results in increased well being and energy throughout the entire month. 

Modern society graces us with everything from air pollution to constant stimulation via devices of all kinds. We could all use a little support to come back to our natural state of being. Wellfower has brought us whole food, organic, unsweetened formulas to do just this. As a bonus, each formula is delicious and full of flavor whether made latte style or in a smoothie.

Each jar comes with specifics on when and how to use. Here is a brief overview:

Beetroot - Menstrual Phase (the day your period starts through the day it ends) Ingredients: organic beetroot, organic tocos, organic raspberry, organic ashwagandha,organic shiitake, organic ground vanilla bean 

Matcha - Follicular Phase (begins once your period ends) Ingredients: organic matcha, organic tocos, organic cinnamon, organic rhodiola, organic cordyceps, organic ground vanilla bean

Carob - Ovulatory Phase (halfway through your cycle, varies for everyone, but approximately day 14) Ingredients: organic carob, organic tocos, organic cacao, organic maca, organic maitake, organic ground vanilla bean

Turmeric - Luteal Phase (the week before your period, also known as PMS) Ingredients: organic turmeric, organic tocos, organic ginger, organic tulsi, organic rishi, organic ground vanilla bean