Santa Barbara Pistachio Oil - 8.5 oz

Santa Barbara Pistachio Oil - 8.5 oz

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Santa Barbara Pistachio Company is a magical place in the high desert of the Sierra Madre Mountain Range. Sitting at 2,900 feet, the farm enjoys conditions very similar to the pistachio's native climate in Western Asia.

We had searched California up and down for organic pistachios and finally landed at the front door of Santa Barbara Pistachio. We ate our first ever pistachio fresh off the tree and left with boxes full of pistachios along with this delightful oil.

Pistachio oil is a finishing oil perfect for salads, veggies and dipping! The incredible nutrients in pistachios including B6, potassium, magnesium and phosphorus remain fully intact as this is a raw oil.

Note - this is a delicate oil and is not intended for sautéing or heating of any kind.

Ingredients: organic raw pistachio oil