Rosita Cod Liver Oil - 5 oz
Rosita Cod Liver Oil - 5 oz
Rosita Cod Liver Oil - 5 oz

Rosita Cod Liver Oil - 5 oz

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As a company, we believe in seeking nutrition from real food sources, optimally by way of eating whole foods. Try as we may, sometimes nutritional deficiencies and imbalances still occur whether it's due to absorption issues or lack of food diversity in the season or climate we are living in. This is where real food supplements come in and this is one of the best we've found!

Rosita Cod Liver Oil comes from a rich and abundant codfish source in the pristine waters of the Norwegian fjords. The Rosita family uses ancient methods to release the oil without the need for heat or mechanical processes that would destroy the vitamins and fatty acids that give this oil its rare and impressive nutrient profile.

The Rosita family controls every step of their process from the sustainability of their private fishing operation to the bottling of the final product, always working with nature instead of against it. The result is what we have found to be the most pure and traceable cod liver oil on the market. We encourage you to visit their website for their impressive story and a full picture of their processes.

We are not here to make health claims or recommendations, but are thrilled to offer a whole foods supplement that has made a difference in our own lives. We are so passionate about the support it offers that we are offering free ground shipping on this item in order to remove any barriers to giving it a try! Free shipping automatically applied at checkout.