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Nutcase Vegan Meats - Breakfast Sausage

Nutcase Vegan Meats - Breakfast Sausage

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This breakfast sausage from Nutcase has a touch of sweetness and helps makes breakfast a little more filling and nutrient dense.

Pairs great with toast, pancakes or eggs (for non Vegan peeps)!

Filtered Water, Brown Rice*, Quinoa*, Walnuts*, Filberts*, Hemp Seed*, Flax Seed*, Canola Oil*, Maple Syrup*, Sesame Oil*, Sea Salt*, Nutritional Yeast*, Sage*, Black Pepper*, Fennel*, Beet Powder*, Onion Flakes*, Red Pepper Flakes*, Rosemary*, Cumin*, Bay Leaf*


Freeze up to 12 months, refrigerate up to 8 weeks. Use within 2 weeks once open.