Insight Coffee - Cuarenteño - Washed

Insight Coffee - Cuarenteño - Washed

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Flavor Notes: Brown Sugar - Walnut - Red Apple

Trace your coffee

This is the coffee that started it all. Mentioned in our How it Started story, we discovered this coffee in a tiny café in Guadalajara, Mexico during our 2017 travels that inspired the vision for Wild Mala. It was undeniably the best espresso we had ever had and led us to hours spent in conversation with the cafe owner, sourcer and roaster. We learned that the origin was Nayarit, a region never seen on bags in the American specialty coffee market. While people are generally familiar with Oaxaca, Chiapas and Veracruz, this was our first toe dip into learning about the untapped coffee regions that exist throughout Mexico. It sparked a journey that is still a part of our daily lives.

Through a bit of research, we found San Cristobal Coffee Importers who has a long standing presence in Nayarit, working with a variety of communities to bring their coffees to the US market. We began a conversation with them shortly after that day in Guadalajara and it took three years and many twists and turns of Wild Mala to finally purchase that first bag of Cuarenteño. 

In early 2020, we returned physically to our other business, Insight Coffee Roasters to work on coffee and food sourcing for our Sacramento roastery and café. It wasn't a month after we made it back that our first pallet of Nayarit coffee came through the roastery door. Our offerings from San Cristobal continue to grow to this day.

Trying this coffee for the first time created an experience and memory that we will never forget. Out of it came the desire to share special flavors and experiences with as many people as possible.

Coffee is one of our greatest passions for many reasons. It creates opportunity in the countries we love the most. We've seen it build community time and time again in big cities and small towns we've lived in. We've spent a lifetime collecting conversations, experiences and moments that center around the ritual that coffee is. From the seed to the journey it travels to reach our café and our customers, coffee touches many lives along the way. We hope you all find one that inspires you in a way this coffee did for us all those years ago.