Burly Real Deal Root Beer

Burly Real Deal Root Beer

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All of the nostalgia of childhood Root Beer, none of the artificial junk or sugar highs! Burly's Real Deal Root Beer lives up to its name,  made with real roots and spices.  It contains 16 oz of syrup, allowing you to make one beverage at a time in any size or concentration. The recommended ratio is 1 ounce of syrup to 8 oz soda water.

We have blown a few minds with this one!

Gabe From Burly Beverages started his business in his (successful) attempt to kick his soda habit. We wandered into his Sacramento tasting room one day, tasted all of his soda syrups and shrubs and knew right away we were onto something special. We are proud to offer his mad scientist concoctions as part of our lineup.

Ingredients: filtered water, turbinado sugar, sarsparilla root bark, sassafras root bark, vanilla bean, cinnamon bark, oranges, apple cider vinegar, sweet birch oil, malic acid