Ahara Ghee - 10 oz
Ahara Ghee - 10 oz
Ahara Ghee - 10 oz

Ahara Ghee - 10 oz

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After years of being dairy free, ghee has become one of our favorite comforts in the kitchen. It's a nourishing part of our cooking rituals and we're excited to share Ahara Ghee with you all.

Ahara was created by Ayurvedic practitioners and is produced according to ancient tradition and methods. We have chosen to partner with them for our ghee because they approach it from a foundation where food is medicine while practicing mindfulness throughout their process. This begins with sourcing from organic farms in the Pacific Northwest and ends with a product that has been slow cooked over an open flame, preserving the integrity of the available nutrition and energy in ghee.

Ahara has a host of flavor combinations that involve an array of spices and herbs, each offering an exciting approach to both sweet and savory dishes. At this time, we are offering their Traditional, Vanilla Dream and Niter Kibbeh. 

Niter Kibbeh is a style of spice infused ghee originating from Ethiopia. It's one of those hard-to-describe flavor profiles that makes EVERYTHING taste better!

We use ghee to sauté eggs and veggies, spread on toast and love the Vanilla for baking. The smoke point is 485 degrees making it an excellent high heat staple.

Traditional Ingredients: organic clarified butter (milk)

Vanilla Dream Ingredients: organic clarified butter (milk), organic vanilla bean

Niter Kibbeh Ingredients: organic clarified butter (milk), organic onion, organic ginger, organic toasted spice blend, organic garlic

Free from: Lactose, Casein, Salt and Sugar*

*Ahara recommends steering clear if you have true allergies to milk in which case you may be sensitive to nano traces. They have their product tested periodically for lactose and casein, neither of which have been detected.

Best if used in 6 months of opening.