A Street Dog and a Dream

Mala was the name given to "our" street dog during the time we spent in Guatemala. We fell instantly in love with her sweet face and frail frame. Each time we found her in the streets and fed her, we were convinced that we were keeping her alive for another day. Though she always took food from us, it was with fear and apprehension. Mala was extremely timid and scarred by the human interaction she knew up until this point. She would follow us a little farther each time we met, but she would never make the trip up the steep hill to where we lived.
We had hopes of giving Mala a forever home. However in the end, it was against her natural instincts to belong to a human. Mala was a reminder that some things are meant to be left wild. She chose freedom over comfort. In her, we saw a reflection of many of our life choices. Freedom over comfort. 



We believe in wild lives. We believe in seeking out and living any path to freedom that calls. Mala was a piece of our journey that reminded us that in order to be free, we must let go of the things, places, and worlds to which we do not belong. We must run like hell towards the places we are called to, and the lives we are called to lead.
For us, it was Guatemala and Mexico that called at the end of 2016. Through experiences in these colorful countries, came the desire to create and share products we love with our own communities.
We spent time in a small village in Guatemala, where we didn’t have access to things we considered basic. Any product that could not be grown or made in the village, was required to be brought in by small boats and back breaking labor. Yet in this tiny village, we were able to buy incredible kombucha made weekly with seasonal ingredients. The simplicity of life there meant no fancy packaging or endless array of new flavors. It was simple, local and bursting with flavor.
On our journey through Guatemala, we spent time at a sustainable Macadamia farm. We were amazed by the collection of handmade machines that performed each step of the processing, from cracking to sorting. We left the farm humbled by the passion for simple products and processes. It was confirmation that quality products don’t require advanced technology or complicated procedures. In fact, they require little more than passion and dedication.
Across the border, on a rainy day in Guadalajara, Mexico we stumbled into an unassuming café with no signage. It was here we tasted a coffee that shocked us. During years of traveling the world seeking out specialty coffee cafes and farms, it was undeniably the best coffee we had ever tasted. We knew we had to track down the producer so we could share it with others, and here we are!
These are only a few of the experiences that inspired the vision for Wild Mala. The best things in life come from all kinds of unexpected places. Finding pure products somehow became easier the closer we got to simplicity. It is this idea that gave us the desire to share the inspiration that we found out there on the road.
These products are pieces of our journeys and pieces of the light we wish to shine back into the world.
From Guatemala and Mexico with LOVE
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