Why it Matters

Wild Mala's collection is driven by traceability and the desire to live a clean, intentional lifestyle fueled by real food and conscious choices in who we support. When you order from Wild Mala, you are not only supporting our little business but all of our artisans who work tirelessly at their craft because they truly believe in the work they do. We hope to contribute to a world that is driven more by passion, less by financial gain.

We aren't just selling products. We are sharing hours of extensive research and conversations with producers that result in our small but mighty line up. We are less on having multiple choices and more on having one or two of the BEST choices in every category. Our goal is never to be "big" but to be impactful in the lives of those we are serving.

We have mindfully written this site to tell the stories of our products. Our goal is to share the message of people doing their life's work and the products that are a direct result of that. You will find our descriptions to be less buzzword driven and more of a story of the product, its producer, why it meets our standards and how we came to carry it. Our story is woven in because this of course, is our life's work.