Mexican Vanilla - 2 Pods

Mexican Vanilla - 2 Pods

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Wild Mala vanilla is sourced directly from small farms in Veracruz, Puebla, Oaxaca, and Chiapas. Our producers utilize sun drying and other traditional processing methods that allow nature to do it's best work. Beans are allowed to ripen fully on the vine, only being harvested at peak maturity.

We visit each one of our farms and purchase directly from producers, offering a transparent and direct sourcing model that is not typically found in the spice supply chain. 

Varietal: Vanilla Planifolia

Gourmet: 5.25" - 6.75"

Extra Gourmet: 7.00" - 8.75"

All of our vanilla retains significant moisture, which is why we don't label any of it as extract grade. Both gourmet and extra gourmet are suited for a variety of applications, with the major difference being the length of the pod. The gourmet may have minor physical flaws, which do not impact flavor.


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