Peace and Plenty Farm Organic Saffron - .3 g

Peace and Plenty Farm Organic Saffron - .3 g

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We found Peace and Plenty while searching for a traceable source of domestic and organically grown saffron. They are the first to grow the spice for culinary purposes in California and are proving highly successful. This saffron has been tested for quality and purity and ranks as Grade 1, among the best in the world.

Peace and Plenty Farm is truly a place of just that, tucked into a quiet corner of Northern California. In addition to saffron, the farm is alive with organic walnut trees, chickens and a beautiful garden. We recommend a visit if you ever get out that way. 

We are researching saffron for its effects on the nervous system, mood and inflammation. Of course, it's also known as one of the most coveted spices in the world and makes a colorful and rich addition to savory or sweet dishes. A little goes a long way and we are happy to share recipes! We like to steep a few threads in water and enjoy first thing in the morning for a happy start to the day.

Ingredients: Organic Saffron 

We have found this size to equal  8-10 servings depending on the preparation.