Lil Bucks - Adaptogenic Clusterbucks - 6 oz
Lil Bucks - Adaptogenic Clusterbucks - 6 oz

Lil Bucks - Adaptogenic Clusterbucks - 6 oz

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Think granola-ish with not-your-average flavor combos, the powerhouse nutritional punch that buckwheat packs PLUS the added immunity and nervous system boosts of adaptogens. 

Lil Bucks Clusterbucks are an incredible alternative to granola when you aren't in an oats mood! We find them to be lighter but keep us feeling full longer than traditional granola. 

Both  combinations are satisfying and allow you to taste the carefully curated flavors, rather than just sweetness. Although they contain maple, they are minimally sweetened and are great with your favorite milk or straight out of the bag. 

Chocolate Reishi Ingredients: sprouted buckwheat groats*, maple syrup*, pumpkin seeds*, cacao*, coconut chips*, flaxseed*, reishi mushroom powder*, cacao nibs*, cinnamon*, seal salt*.

Turmeric Lemon Myrtle Ingredients: sprouted buckwheat grouts*, maple syrup*, coconut flakes*, pumpkin seeds*, flaxseed*, cinnamon*, Diaspora Turmeric, pure vanilla extract, Australian Superfoods Lemon Myrtle, ginger*, cloves*, black pepper, sea salt*.

*certified organic