Roots and Leaves Elderberry Tonic - 17 oz

Roots and Leaves Elderberry Tonic - 17 oz

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After trying a dozen variations of Elderberry tonics, we chose Roots and Leaves for its unique infusion of 12 herbs, roots and spices. In our experience, there's nothing it can't knock out, from seasonal allergy symptoms to oncoming cold or flu bugs. We take it before, during and after airplane trips to combat germs and it's never let us down.

Root and Leaves Elderberry Tonic is made by Haley Maness in the Asheville area, whose personal journey seeking healing and wellness led her to making herbal remedies. Haley sources organic ingredients and hand makes her products with her family. She has been an incredible partner and her products are the absolute best we have found in this category!

Ingredients: filtered water, black elderberries (sambucus nigra)*, raw unfiltered honey**, ginger root*, ceylon cinnamon*, turmeric root*, hibiscus*, black peppercorns*, cloves*, astragalus root*, rosehips*, elderflower*, echinacea*, garlic*, lemon juice

*denotes organic

**Honey not recommended for children under one year

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