Askegaard Organic Farm - Flaxseed - 1 lb

Askegaard Organic Farm - Flaxseed - 1 lb

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Before we discovered Askegaard, we used flax as an "add in" to smoothies and oatmeal  to obtain it's omega 3s and anti-inflammatory benefits. Tasting this freshly milled organic flax changed all that! We now eat flax in ways that allow us to enjoy its fresh, rich and slightly nutty flavor. We realized that flax deserves to be more than an afterthought, but a mindful part of a healthy meal.

Askeegard Organic Farm is a sixth generation family operation. They farm 1000 acres organically with integrity, intention and pride. They have an on-farm mill and packaging facility which means complete control over the quality of flax from start to finish.

We were lucky enough to visit Askeegard and learn more about the farm, their family and their processes. It's a special place and we feel confident that we are offering the best flax and pinto beans around!

Ingredients: Organic Ground Golden Flax

Grown and Milled in Moorhead, MN