Grumpy Goats Olive Oil - 375 ml
Grumpy Goats Olive Oil - 375 ml
Grumpy Goats Olive Oil - 375 ml

Grumpy Goats Olive Oil - 375 ml

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We popped in on Grumpy Goats farm for the first time in December 2017. It is a magical place in the Capay Valley of California where a small team hand harvests organic olives every fall. They specialize in unique olives that are particularly high in polyphenols and they are always searching for new and interesting varietals.

Grumpy Goats is certified organic but their practices go above and beyond. They send leaf samples to a lab for testing prior to harvest to determine the nutrient needs of their trees. They then harvest each varietal at it's individual peak ripeness in order to yield optimum flavor and maximum polyphenols. If you are interested in the polyphenol levels of different varietals, their website has many of their test results as well as other educational information.

On our recent visit to the farm in the Spring of 2020, we were able to appreciate how the trees have matured, see the new varietals coming to life and hear all that Pamela has learned in the years since our last visit. It's amazing to witness the processes that go into small scale organic farming and all of the trial, error and life lessons that happen along the way. It's experiences on farms like Grumpy Goats that push us to continue telling the stories of these special farmers who are truly changing the food systems in this country.

Coratina: robust Italian style, flavors: artichoke, green tea, apple pie spice finish. Love it for: grilled meats and potatoes, stir fry

Hojiblanca: medium robustness and astringency, flavor: herbs, green tea, ginger finish. Love it for: egg and pasta dishes 

Pendolino: soft fruity tones, flavors: nuts, cinnamon, mint, ginger finish. Love it for fish and seafood