Insight Coffee - Colombia - Tolima

Insight Coffee - Colombia - Tolima

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Flavor Notes: Black Cherry - Prune - Red Apple

Our Colombian offering is brought to us by the good people at Azahar Coffee Company based in Armenia, Quindío, Colombia.

Coincidentally Armenia is the first place we ever stepped foot on a coffee farm and in a small café in Salento, Quindío we tried our first cup of Azahar coffee in 2015. Later in that trip we visited Azahar's café in Bogota and continued the free fall into love with Colombia's coffee culture. 

Fast forward five years to when we stepped into Insight's coffee sourcing program in 2020. We reached out to Azahar, recalling that they offered green coffee for export from top notch producers throughout Colombia. We were delighted to find they had an organic offering fit our needs. We are extremely proud to share a coffee hailing from a region rich in coffee history and from a company that wrote a chapter in our own coffee story.

Our Tolima is comprised of coffees from several farms in the community of Gaitania which lies in the municipality of Planadas. The community has an economy built on coffee production which has seen difficult times throughout the years. In the 90's there was a five year stretch where farmers in Gaitania turned towards planting opium poppy to survive during a particularly difficult pricing crises. However, coffee has a rich history here and rose again.

We have seen communities in many countries who rely heavily on coffee as the primary economic driver. In our line of work, we consider it a responsibility to be mindful of the supply chains in which we operate. This means making every effort to support people who are doing the work, which is why direct relationships and traceability are the foundations of our business.